SQL Server error 3417

I have a customer who could not start their SQL Server. It was showing error 3417 on startup.

There is not much info out there about 3417, and what I saw wasn’t very helpful in our situation.  The folder and user permissions were squared away.

Microsoft Support actually joined this call, and they looked at the SQL Server logs.  Here’s how they opened it.

  1. First, find the location of the log by opening SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Right-click on the SQL Server engine service.  Usually called “SQL Server ( MSSQLSERVER )”.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab
  4. Look next to the Dump Directory label, and copy that path
  5. Open the path in Windows Explorer
  6. Open the ERRORLOG file in Notepad

By taking a look at the error log Microsoft Support was able to get more insights other than the non-helpful Error 3417.

This ended up being due to a corrupt master database.  And the solution to that is too much for this blog post.   They did not have a master database backup. (This was not one that I administered ). And once that got running, every database was corrupt. I hope maybe this helps a bit, for anyone else who comes across 3417.  Sorry, you might be in for a long night.

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