Profiler on Prod

My whole career I’ve heard that running SQL Server Profiler is a low cost operation, and has little effect on the server.  And I believed this within reason, of course, because I always added a lot of filters.

But recently when trying to get understand a process that runs in the middle of the night, I came across a problem.  In the morning, my Profiler trace was filled with the message “Trace Skipped Records”.

This eventually led me to a useful blog post by Grant Fritchey:  Snags With Profiler GUI, which led to another post, Profiler Research, which outlines why a client-side trace is inefficient.

Finally, since now I need to re-learn how to do server-side traces, I am following a Stairway Series on SQL Server Central.  Stairway to Server-Side Tracing

So far it seems a lot easier, because I can query the trace directly using SQL, to further filter out results. And I bet I can schedule it to kick off in the middle of the night.

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