Drop login Powershell SMO

For some reason, Powershell is what I’m blogging about these days.  Maybe it is rare to use it in this way, so there is not much information out there.  So I want to be a help to others who need the answers.

I developed a process to drop temporary logins, but discovered a problem recently.  It could not drop the login because of the following error:  Detailed error:Could not drop login ‘LoginName’ as the user is currently logged in.  The individual using the login apparently doesn’t close their SSMS.

There doesn’t seem to be a streamlined way in SMO to drop all connections for that specific login.  But this blog post showed me the EnumProcesses() function, which allowed me to kill the connections for that login.

Without automating anything, here are the simple commands.

Search for connections/processes with login ‘cat’
$ServerObject.EnumProcesses() | Where-Object {$_.Login -eq “cat”}


Kill connections manually from above picture

For the automated piece, a typical foreach loop is fine

$SqlLoginName = “cat”;
$ConnectionsToDrop = $ServerObject.EnumProcesses() | Where-Object {$_.Login -eq $SqlLoginName};
foreach($ConnectionToDrop in $ConnectionsToDrop)
{  $ServerObject.KillProcess($ConnectionToDrop.Spid); }

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